Here is what our guests are saying about us:

  • We had a fantastic time on Saturday at the Gunks and have been talking about it non-stop. In addition to being an excellent climber and a delightful person with whom we quite enjoyed spending the day, we were very impressed with your professionalism. We both felt extremely safe with you, and trusted that you were making smart choices. Your easy presence made us relax and concentrate on enjoying climbing, which is exactly what we wanted.
    Your pictures are great! (Far better than mine.) Thanks for sharing.
    We will definitely call you again as soon as our schedule allows. Have a safe and fun summer – we hope to see you soon.  Ash, Redding, CT
  • “Four years ago when I first crossed paths with you at ice fest I had no idea what ice climbing was all about. I guess looking back now all I can say is I’m grateful that I was able to meet in my honest opinion one of the most knowledgeable, patient, skilled hard working certified mountain guides on the east coast! You have inspired me more than once to push harder and climb at my limits! You introduced me to the tools of the trade teaching me proper technique. Thanks for everything Matt Shove! I hope to crush routes with you for years to come!” Brian, Pittsburgh, PA
  • “Ice climbing, like most outdoor adventure sports, is best learned from a certified instructor.”Heather Atwell, Yankee Magazine
  • “That was a blast & look forward to climbing with you again soon.” Matt F.
  • “I took Self Rescue Climbing class with Matt Shove last year and really liked it. It came in really handy about a month later when I got into trouble at the Gunks while on the second pitch of a traverse between Directississima and Directisima. I was glad that I took this course. I would recommend Matt to any climber I know.”  Brian
  • “It’s Kurt from the climbing 101 class you taught on Saturday at Ragged Mountain. Just wanted to shoot you an email and say thanks for teaching us all of that information and giving us a great experience.” Kurt
  • “Matt, I always valued your natural ability to teach and find  total enjoyment being on the rock.  I wish you the very Best, and look forward in seeing you out on the ice or rock. Cheers!”John
  • “Matt is an excellent guide and instructor, in case you’re looking for one – I had a great time and learned a bunch of things about lead climbing.”Pete
  • “The reason that the subject of this message is “thank you” is that yesterday at the Gunks, I was able to put what you taught me about Self Rescue to use.I was seconding Audrey on Strictly From Nowhere when I came to grief on the move to the belay ledge and ended up swinging in space with no hope of getting back on the rock. After making a futile attempt to do so, I decided that the best course of action was an assisted hoist. I “coached” Audrey through the process, and we were able to raise me just enough that I got back on to the rock and finish the pitch.After that we switched leads and I lead Pitch 2…including pull the roof at the end, which was…entertaining, as Tim would say. I was pretty pleased with the lead, but really proud that I’d been able to get myself out of trouble.Thanks for being such a good teacher! Cheers!” Gini
  • “Thanks for the instruction on Sunday.  My first time ice climbing was more than what I expected and it was all good. Thanks again” Mike

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