Tech Tips

Please use these Tech Tips as a reference only.  These tips are no substitute for professional instruction from a qualified and AMGA Certified Instructor or Guide. Use this information at YOUR OWN RISK. Don’t forget, all types of climbing are DANGEROUS.

What to pack for a day out with Ragged Mountain Guides.  We can provide any technical climbing equipment if you don’t have it already.  These shorts show what you should be responsible for.

What to Pack: Rock Climbing

What to Pack: Ice Climbing

Rigging Up for Rappelling, One Way to Do It!

Here is a quick viewing of the basics of the Quad Anchor System.

Standard Rack for the North East

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  1. Al Carilli says:

    How about explaining what to bring when a newer climber is going out to a multi-pitch area, like the Gunks. I was amazed this past year when I went out with several Gym climbers who did not bring a few slings, a nut tool, a prusik, even though they were warned ahead of time with a list of items.

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