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Ragged Mountain Guides was founded in 2010 by AMGA Certified Rock Instructor Matt Shove. Ragged Mountain Guides is forged out of more than fifteen years experience working as a climbing instructor and mountain guide. An active members of the American Mountain Guides Association, Ragged Mountain Guides prides itself in being on the cutting edge of climbing instructional techniques. We are experts in the latest modern best practices, and we teach courses with the AMGA. We work hard at providing you world class climbing instruction, and guiding you through the mountains as securely as possible. We will help you to exceed your climbing goals and summit your objectives.

At times, we will work with other independent guides if a group program is requested. Otherwise, each RMG program is private, which means others are not lumped into your lesson or program unless you request it. Unlike other large climbing schools, we will not cancel your program due to low enrollment. At Ragged Mountain Guides, every climbing program offered is run.

Experience the difference with Ragged Mountain Guides.

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