Presidential Range Traverse

The Presi-Traverse is the most challenging non-technical mountaineering trip in the northeast.  Period.  Accumulated elevation of 10,000 feet, mostly above treeline travel,  possible arctic conditions, full packs, navigation challenges, and 3 full days out make this the classic outing that it is.  It’s wicked hard so we guide this at a 2 to 1 ratio.   Are you ready for the challenge?


This mini expedition begins at Appalachia on Route 2 near Randolph, NH and finishes at Route 302 in Crawford Notch.  Many southbound miles of efficient above treeline travel gets us over the summits of Mt. Madison (some fast backtracking), Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay, Mt. Washington, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Eisenhower, and Mt. Webster.

This trip covers much of the same terrain that the AMC huts link in the summertime, however, in winter, the trails can be ice and snow encased making travel challenging.  We will wear crampons and carry snowshoes!


Mt Jefferson Snow Field. There is a man sized Carin in there but it buried in snow. You’ll never find it.

Prerequisites include:

  • Ability and experience to move with crampons on and ice axe in hand.  This cannot be your first time using this stuff.
  • Winter camping experience.  We tent out on this trip in sub zero weather conditions.  You must be ready for -20 F conditions at night.
  • Fitness:  ready to carry 40lbs for 3 full days, while keeping up.  3 10-12 hour days on the go.

Give us call to see if this is a worth while expedition for you.