Once we’ve spoken about and confirmed a trip, you will recieve a confirmation email with trip details i.e.: meeting location and time, required equipment lists, etc. Please read this document carefully. Please call if you have any questions.

Our reservation policy requires that you register and submit full payment at the same time. A confirmation email will be sent shortly following registration. We can accept cash, check, or credit cards through Pay Pal, but restrictions do apply. Guides overnight hut fees are the responsibility of the guest.  We do request a $50 per night surcharge for overnight trips.  To register, please contact us by telephone or email.  Rates do not include transportation or gratuities. RMG cannot provide transportation.  Gift Certificates are always available.

Phone: (203) 228-2311
Email: matt@raggedmountainguides.com

Rates for Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing and Alpine Climbing Instruction.

One Person $400
Two People $500
Three People $575
Four People (single pitch only) $600
Five People (single pitch only) $650

Half Days (Connecticut Only, 4 hours)

One Person $275
Two People $300
Three People $325
Four People (single pitch only) $350
Five People (single pitch only) $400

Backcountry Objectives (longer than average length day)

One Person $500
Two People $300 per person

Professional Development Programs:

American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor Program

SPI Course:$575

SPI Assessment:$375

American Mountain Guides Association Climbing Wall Instructor Program: $400

Rates include all required technical equipment like ropes, harnesses, helmets and hardware. We will include printed manuals for all AMGA programs.  Your confirmation email will detail what you will need to bring in your day pack. We can also provide ice axes and crampons for winter objectives.

Cancellation Policy

  • If your program is canceled due to inclement weather, we can reschedule for a better day, or we can offer a full refund. Please call to discuss weather concerns by noon of the previous day if you wish to reschedule. If we experience bad weather locally, we will pro rate your day on a half day basis.
  • If you cancel within the preceding 30 days, do not show on the day of your climb, or reschedule within 30 days, you forfeit your tuition.

Please note: The guide or instructor always reserves the right to change or suggest alternate objectives based on route conditions. Sometimes, these conditions aren’t appearing until we arrive or are on the route. If this occurs, we may be forced to retreat. We are always looking to reward our guests with sound experiences. This is left to the judgment of the guide in all circumstances. If time on the trip permits, we may opt to attempt the objective again.

Nearby Camping (seasonal):

Black Rock State Park– Thomaston, CT


People’s State Forest/American Legion State Forest -Barkhamsted, CT


2 Responses to Rates

  1. Chip Caton says:

    Hi Matt,

    I enjoyed your program at REI the other night and was especially impressed with how matter-of-fact you were about a tough, tough route. Congratulations!

    I do have a question. I’ve attempted it three times, all on Emmons Glacier, unsuccessfully (first time I got a virus on the approach, next two times my partners got altitude sickness). Because it was an easier route I assume we had less protection than you did, gear-wise. But my pack weighed 55 pounds and I think you said yours weighed 40. I don’t know what your secret is, but I’d like to find out because i’m not giving up on summiting (I have to hurry-I’m 65). Do you have a gear list for that trip, or a similar one, you could email me? 15 pounds is an immense difference, as you know.

    Thank you!

    Chip Caton

    • Matt says:

      Hey Chip, Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

      Here are a couple of thoughts.
      Go with a pack smaller than what you think you can use. If you bring a big pack, you will be tempted to fill it. I use a Cold Cold World Chaos. I tried to fit everything into a Chernobyl, but I couldn’t pull it off–winter conditions and gear require a larger pack. My partner used an old Wild Things Ice Sac, and it was a super tight fit.

      Choose the lightest gear you can. Light harness (doesn’t need to be comfortable, needs to work). Light helmet. Choose the lightest locking carabiners. I used all Petzl Attaché 3D’s.
      I chose rain pants and jacket over heavy Gore Tex. Now, If I had to do it again, I would choose the better Gore Tex because I now own it. I brought the lightest stuff I had with the intention of not wearing it becasue we picked a good weather window. But, stuff happens, right? Don’t skimp on crampons. Bring the steel for real climbing. I suppose the the Emmons could support Aluminum crampons, but you know what they say: “Steel is real and Aluminum’s fooling ’em”. That said, my crampons were a few seasons old, and I replaced all the componenents before the trip so I could eliminate repairing them along the way–light repair kit.

      Be as fit as you can. I was ready and strong. We climbed fast, and the extra prep work paid off.
      Be confident in your abilities. Believe you can get it done.

      I had a very light rack, but I also led the majority of the route from car to summit to car. I know what i can do and what I can get away with. I was willing to run it way out to keep the rack light. I am also very good with rope systems, so I can skip some stuff.
      Also, I borrowed a 4 lb light single wall tent from a buddy. I now have a BD First Light: 4 season 3lbs. tent. Worth it for a 2 person team. We saved 3 lbs in the tent alone. Split it between climbers.

      Food is heavy. We had PB & J sandwiches, bars and jerky for lunch. Cup of soup and a split Mountin House each night. We had food left over when we got back. On trips like this, I use a cut off platypus water container as a bowl and 1/2 liter lexan nalgene bottle as a cup. Gatorade powder is good as it has calories. Breakfasts were granola with dry milk. Bring what ever as long as you eat it.

      Again, thatnks for coming. REI was psyched about the turnout, and I was humbled. I’m already planning a laser pointer for next time!


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