Ice 101

Beginner Level Ice Climbing

Learn to walk and climb in crampons , and employ a number of techniques for everything from slabs to steep vertical ice. The swing of the ice axe takes some practice to become efficient. We’ll use the best modern equipment and tools available. You will learn how to combat the cold weather, stay warm and dry. Ice climbing is addictive, and is an exciting way to spend a winter’s day.

By the end of this day, you’ll come away with a full understanding of the fundamentals of winter climbing. It all starts here for people headed toward the winter pursuits of ice climbing or winter mountaineering. In this full-day course, we will outfit you with all the technical gear required to move on steep snow and moderate-angled and steep ice climbs.

Secure movement with crampons and ice axes are the baseline skills for the alpinist.  As we graduate from the flats onto steeper terrain, the ropes and climbing harnesses come out so that we can move with confidence as the angle increases. If you are drawn to the more challenging frozen waterfall climbs of the Northeast, this program is a must.


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  1. Jim says:

    I want to schedule something with you to introduce my nephew to ice. I would go as well is there something we can do around March that will work. Let’s talk when you have a minute

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