Expectations and some more thoughts on the “Rona

Just some ideas regarding climbing during the pandemic we’re are still experiencing, even if it doesn’t make the news anymore….

1. Climbers are social. We’ve all missed each other! However, on a day when others are out, consider where you put your pack down relative to the others that are out. If your pack and gear explosion isn’t 6 feet away from mine, you’re not doing it right.
2. Don’t put your stuff all over. Be reasonably contained. Try to keep random stuff from being everywhere. I’m thinking shoes, slings, bug spray, random gear, car keys, your dog, hammock, etc. try to keep the stuff you’re not using in your backpack. Better yet, leave your hammock and dogs at home.
3. Don’t put your pack at the base of the cliff, against the wall. Put it aside in a spot where it’s unlikely you will impede others ability to get around. It’s likely that you put your pack down against the wall at a route that gets climbed.
4. There’s a lot of people out and about. Be friendly to the neighbors. Say hi and wave.
5. Please stop racking up and packing up in the road. This is so 1990.
6. For heaven’s sake, if you need to get that close to me, wear your face cover. I know it’s unlikely to catch the ‘Rona, but cover up. The state mandate hasn’t yet changed. Stay vigilant.

That is all for now. Thanks for considering all of this.

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