Mischevious Black Birds

Corvus corax, the common Raven. People the world over sense a certain kind of personality in ravens. Edgar Allan Poe clearly found them a little creepy. The captive ravens at the Tower of London are beloved and perhaps a little feared: legend has it that if they ever leave the tower, the British Empire will crumble. Native people of the Pacific Northwest regard the raven as an incurable trickster, bringing fire to people by stealing it from the sun, and stealing salmon only to drop them in rivers all over the world.

You sometimes see them in the mountains, undoing the zippers on your cached backpack, or digging up your food bags from under 3 feet of snow.

You might also see ravens in Boston, tying knots in ropes. My buddy has a new side hustle. Check it out: Corvus Professional.

Mountainside Math

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