Winter 2019-2020 Begins

As I sit here typing, I realize my feet are wet from shoveling our first real snowstorm. While we didn’t get much accumulation, the water equivalent was pretty high here in Central Connecticut. Dave emailed this morning to say he got 18″ in southern Vermont! jackpot!

Here is an update for the few of you who are paying attention to this: Open Dates.

Thats right, as we know, weekends are tight and a precious commodity around here. I’ve got 2 weekends open. Until mid March. That’s right. Dec 14-15 and Dec 21-22 are the only weekends open for the remainder of the winter. Let’s get you dates booked up and let’s go climbing. These are prime dates to blow the carbon out, climb the Dike, or Pinnacle Gully.

Dave wraps up an early season lap, Fangs out and Blood running.

Sharpen your shovels, tighten your picks, and lace up. It’s fixing to be game on!

Now, someone book these prime weekends!

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