NH Ice

The ice season has begun in northern New England. I spent a couple of days climbing with Chelsea and Eric on Cannon, Frankenstien and Mt Willard over the past 2 1/2 days. Good stuff happening.

A couple of quick notes:

We saw a lot of other parties climbing DIRECTLY under teams higher on routes. With the explosion of social media posts, the number of climbers is increasing without the requisite skills an knowledge. If you climb under other teams, your risk is significantly increased. You will get pounded from above. Climbing under other teams also increases risk to those climbers as they will climb with hesitation. IT IS BETTER TO SIMPLY WAIT YOUR TURN.

There is a significant reset happening during the current 48 hour period, but I am hopeful for a quick rebound wit arctic weather behind this warm front. Things were pretty darn good for the first week of December.

Rear Window has a new redundant anchor made of purple tech cord and a quicklink. Replaced on Sunday 09DEC2019.

Our weekends are pretty much full for the winter, but we have weekday opportunity.

Photos by M. Shove and courtesy of C. Byrd and E. Downing.

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