What’s in the Pack 2019

If you had to pick the best 4 modern musicians to form the best band since the 1970’s, who would you pick? You’re wrong. This is the line up:

Danny Carey
Adam Jones
Maynard James Keenan
Justin Chancellor

There will be more to this at the end of the post.

Things in my pack changes day to day depending on what I’m up to, but here it is for day rock climbs for right now. It’s basically the same as it ever was.

I like a 40 liter pack I can fit everything into, is reasonably comfortable for carrying 40+lbs, and has easy access. In years past, I’ve normally carried a Cold Cold World Ozone or Valdez. I’ve even been know to use a Hyperlight Ice Pack. Right now, the BD Crag pack is my choice. It doesn’t fit my odd frame too well, but I make it work. It’s got easy top access and a side zipper. I like that.

Shoes: Evolv General, Skyhawk, or Oracle. Approaches get the Evolv Rebel.

Harness: Petzl Sama. Helmet: Sirocco. Metolius ‘Merica Chalkbag. It’s full of the cheap stuff.


Nuts: BD Stoppers #4-11, #5 BD micro nut, # 7-9 HB Offset or DMM Offset

Cams: BD C4 .3-#4, double .75 and 1. Metolius TCU 1-4. Sometimes, I carry C3s or mastercams. TCUs and C3s are better on the Traprock.

Draws/Slings: 4 short sport draws, 6 UHMPE should length slings. All with Petzl Ange L biners.

Anchoring: 1 16′ tech cord cordelette, 1 180cm Petzl UHMPE slimng, 1 120cm dynnema sling, 1 48″ 9/16″ nylon sling. I don’t always carry the longer cords on routes, but they are in the pack for trs, etc. I just about always have one with me, but rarely two.

Lockers: 4 Petzl Attache, 1 heavier one for tr-ing= 5 total free lockers. These do not include the ones that make the belay devices function.

Belaying/Rappelling: OR Gloves, 2019 Petzl Reverso (I did the beta testing, it’s awesome) w an AMD S and an older round stock Attache, 2019 Petzl Gri Gri w/ Frieno. Light Locker with a custom Sterling Hollowblock. The BD Pilot is for guests to belay me, w Petzl William locker.

Other random items include sunscreen, lip balm, a whistle for back up comms, phone, InReach if out of range, a fork, Julbo shades, a quicklink, headlamp, rescue knife for going off belay, first aid kit, sam splint, and lastly a Rest Stop II bag. You never know when Greg will have to go.

Ropes: Sterling 9.8mm 60m prototype, and a 10mm 150′ Safety Pro static.

1-2 Liters of water, and a substantial lunch round it out.

So back to the ultimate band: Tool is releasing a new album on August 30, after 13 years. Prepare to descend.


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