Favorite Things

This last week, I guided YMC route twice, and climbed it three times over 4 days.  It’s so good.

Central Connecticut’s Ragged Mountain’s YMC Route is rated 5.9.  It is about 90 feet tall.

Here are three photos of Laurie and Chelsea on the route.

After this, Carey Corner comes a close second.  I think this route is a fabulous way to work on hand jam skills.

Laurie on Carey Corner, 5.7+

Some will say Carey Corner is 5.8, even 5.9.  I say no way.  Every move might be 5.7.  That’s why it’s so good.  Moderate, physical, fun. Get after it.

We are on the doorstep to October which is the best month to climb here and in the Gunks.  Let book it up and go!

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