Gym to Cliff Series

Months ago Brenna reached out to me about doing a Gym to Cliff day with the idea that she and Jared would continue on to a Top Rope Anchors class. They had been climbing and leading at Central Rock Gym.  The basis for our itinerary was the idea that many gym climbers want to strike out on their own, but lack the fundamental skills and experience to go outside, build anchors and manage their own risks.  Brenna and Jared had most of their own gear form climbing indoors, so that transition was easy.

We started out with a warm up on the Wiessner Slab.  Having never climbed anything lower angle than steep, and overhanging.  After this, we introduced cleaning traditional climbing gear, did a rappel lesson, and climbed the Knight’s Move. This has been a favorite of mine to take strong new climbers on for a decade now.  Sometime’s I wonder how many times I’ve done it!

From here, we set off onto a long and more challenging pith, Wet Wall. This time, Brenna cleaned the gear.

It was pretty darn hot and humid out there, especially after the un-forecast .25 inch of rain in the morning.  It was also busy at the crag, with a few large groups (not permitted at the Main Cliff, just saying’), so we headed to the northern end of the cliff to find something to climb.  We decided on Ancient Way.  A good way to approach this one is to crawl through the cave behind the Northern Cave Slab, or climb the War Eagle and carefully traverse the ledge.

We had a fantastic day out, despite the gross weather, and we have plans to go out again.  Don’t forget about our Gym to Cliff Send-tember series, and start booking your winter climbs now.  Our dates for 2017 winter climbing are filling up, so don’t miss out.


the rad Damnation Buttress

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