Upcoming AMGA SPI Programs

Many climbers want to teach climbing to their friends, fellow club members, and some, to paying clients.  The AMGA has an instructor training scheme called the Single Pitch Instructor program.  The progression includes a 3 day training course, and finally, a 2 day skill assessment exam.  Successful completion of these courses and exams certifies you, the climbing instructor as an AMGA SPI.  You then are qualified to facilitate and teach basic and intermediate climbing skills.

We have a number of AMGA SPI Training Programs this spring.  RMG has become a leader in providing these courses, and we have been involved since the inception of the program in 2008.



Prerequisites do apply, however, they are not out of reach for many of our prospective candidates.  They can be found here.  Most candidates greatly exceed the prerequisites.  If you are unsure if you meet the prerequisites, please call and discuss your situation with Matt.  This is the right step to becoming a climbing instructor.

To apply, call or email us immediately.  We have limited space available through the spring.


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