The Last of Winter…

The winter season of 2016, just sort of ended.  It was like alight switch got flicked, and just like that, it was warm and sunny.  Then, the ice fell down.

While it is still only mid-March, and another round of storms could roll by, I suspect that it will not be enough to relapse us into full winter.  The weather pattern, angle of the sun, and hours of daylight are all conspiring against us.  I simply wanted to share a great 10 days worth of photos that highlighted the last of my winter.

Our guests Tara and Michelle have written blog posts about our adventures this winter, so, check them out…….here and here!

It is certainly bittersweet that winter has ended early.  I had yet to climb with Joel and Bruno, however they were willing to meet me at the Gunks for 2 days of rock climbing instead.  That’s a bonus if you ask me!  Remember, Ragged Mountain Guides holds one of the 4 coveted permits for the gunks.

I will still head up for a few spring ridge climbs (I’m already scheming a Grade IV day), and I hope there will be some snow to make the fan easier to get around.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a wicked good winter despite the weather related challenges.

Looking ahead, we’re headed to the Teton’s again, so if you wish to do an ascent of an alpine classic, book soon, as space will fill. Matt has been guest guiding with Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, and has had tremendous success. How about the Red Rocks in the fall?  We can make that happen as well.

In conclusion, it’s now time to ROCK CLIMB.  Don’t forget to hire qualified guide for the terrain you go into, and seek qualified instruction! Get in touch today and drop the clutch. (did you like that Kristen?)

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