#seekqualifiedinstruction- Gym to Crag

Each spring I put on a series of training clinics call Gym to Crag for ‘gym climbers’ who are aspiring to make the move outside.  While these climbers may have mastered the skills inside, outdoor climbing turns out to be a different beast.  Belaying outside requires different considerations (no ‘soft catches’ on trad climbs), building solid anchors from trees, boulders, traditional climbing protection (no quick clips outside), rappelling down, managing the ropes, and working together with others are all critical skills you cannot learn inside.


Why do I do this?  Each spring, the weather turns warm and sunny, climbers rush to the crags with their newly purchased ropes and guidebooks, but have overlooked the most important purchase: Qualified Instruction.  Frankly, it’s hard to learn what you don’t actually know until someone helps you see the light.

We will look at rope systems, managing terrain, building anchors, rappelling transitions, negotiating the edge, managing 3rd & 4th class terrain (what is this anyway?), and of course, problem solving.

We off this program daily in the Ragged Mountain Region of Central Connecticut, at the Gunks, and in northern New England.

We’re offering a Gym to Crag Special on Saturday April 9th, $100 per person.  Limited to 4 participants.  Call now (203) 228-2311, text is ok too, or email. this course will fill to capacity!

Whatever you do, please be sure to #seekqualifiedinstruction and remember, once you get outside, the floor isn’t padded!

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